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Read more below on how we started and how we feel about the birth village!

Hi there, We are The Birth Village

Our Story

Trisha has been a doula in the St. George area for 16 years and always wanted a way to network and help her clients get all the information and resources they needed. After starting her own doula training, she saw a need for continuing education and how important it was for the doulas. As she started monthly meetups, she saw a lot of interest from all types of birth workers in the community and invited them to attend. As the group grew, the Southern Utah Birth Village came to life.
After forming a committee for the group, we pursued becoming a non-profit organization so that we can help as many families as we possibly can. We as an organization believe that women and families deserve more when it comes to our mental and physical health!

It started with one......

The Story

All members of The Birth Village deeply value motherhood and womanhood. We strive to be a place you can find nonjudgmental support and education through whatever obstacles you may face. We love being able to help women find resources for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that will support them in both mind, body and spirit.
We have created a community that is dedicated to helping all women to feel empowered. We strive to provide knowledge, love and recommendations that our clients can trust as they go through their maternal journey. 

"The Birth Village is like having one big family only in the birth world. The birth village members love hard, work hard and want the very best for ALL mamas."     - Tiffany, Doula

Southern Utah Birth Village is a place where women and their families can come to take an active role in the education, and exploration of all the stages of Motherhood. We believe that every journey is unique and that you should be able to make an empowered, educated decision that is best for you

Empowering Women Through Education

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals


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